How to use the Skince Essentials Kit



You just got your Skince Essentials Kit?


Im gonna show you the proper steps to use this amazing tool!


So as soon as you open the box..  you see 4 different attachment heads

And there is our suction tool

One charging cable

And few sponge filters


The tool comes with A led display and with multiple modes for multiple skin types.

Oily neutral and dry

This also comes with a pore opening heat pad.

Btw its the only one in India with this feature !  (winks)



It is portable and rechargeable .


Here are some important tips before you use this on your face 


  1. Always use this on your hand first so you’ll get an idea of which suction suits the best for your skin 
  2. Always take a steam and then apply a Moisturiser.   Wait for 5 mins and then start with the cleansing session.
  3. Always do short strokes.and top to bottom. Doing long strokes can cause it to get stuck on and hence causing minor bruises.



Attachment 1 


This attachment head comes with the biggest opening.This is best suitable for larger areas like forehead and side of your face.

We recommend you to use this attachment.  with the lowest suction I.e the oily skin mode.

This helps to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation hence reoxygenating the skin 


Put it on your face and just glide it with a short stroke


Use your finger to grab your face because sometimes  it may be hard to get it unstuck.




Attachment 2


The next one has a smaller opening and this is great for people with sensitive skin as this provides  a weaker suction.


This is best to remove blackheads 

On the nose

On the chin

Side of your cheeks



Attachment 3


The third one has more of an oval head .


Perfect to remove impurities on side of nose and side of your mouth.

This helps increase blood circulation and prevents fine lines.



Attachment 4 


This is the microdermabrasion head. It is the exfoliating head and hence scrubs & sucks out all the dead skin cells.


  1. After using this your skin will be red and its normal. It will fade away within 30-45 mins and its completely normal.
  2. You can apply an ice pack on the red area to let it heal faster
  3. Since your pores are exposed after the treatment  avoid stepping out for 4-5 hours


Since  now your pores are free bacteria and dirt use your serums to get the max benefits of the cleansing session. This will help maximum absorption of all the good things for your skin.


Don’t forget to change the filter once it has been completely worn out.


You can see after using the Skince Essentials Kit it really helped in unclogging my pores 

My skin looks cleaner ,its glowing and my face is less puffy



How many times can I use it in a week?



Will it work on acne prone skin?


Will It bruise my skin?


Can it be use on active acne?


What age group can use this product?


Will it remove my blackhead and whiteheads?